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Mastering for cassette:
• The peak level can be at -1dBFS
• The RMS level should be maximum 12dbs in order to avoid tape overload. However it is strictly related to the genre of music and the frequency response of it.
• Consider that below 40hz and over 18khz the frequency response of tape is very limited.
• Around 250hz to 300hz and about 1000hz are the hottest spot in tape recording. Therefore these frequencies tend to distort easier.
• Preferred format: .Wav - 44.100

Highly recommended: In order to get the highest quality sound, we provide mastering for cassette. Every track will be mastered in a analog chain, and optimized for the cassette format, paying attention on each part of your mix and reducing the artefacts of the translation on the tape master.

Audio Source:
Audio Files as 2 separated tracks: ( A Side and B Side)Please send your audio files at least 20 seconds shorter of your tape length (example= max length: 29.39min/side for a C-60 tape)
Master Cassette: Ferric, Chrome or Metal type - it should be the same length
CDr Master: Submit one CD with just 2 tracks - A Side and B Side
DAT, 1/4" Tape or USB stick please contact us

Duplication System:
Standard, the best way to reproduce a wide frequency response, reaching clear and detailed high end and warm bottom end with a low noise floor.
Lo-Fi, cheaper and faster, the sound quality is still good, the noise floor is a slightly higher. Suggested for disto/noise music or Lo-Fi material. For instance, not really suitable for classical or extremely dynamic music.

Hi-Fi the lowest noise floor you can get on tape and very wide frequency response.

Tape Type:
Ferric: warmer sound, punchy low end, a bit of limitation on the high end, the best choice for cassette sound lovers. Special lenghts might be requested.
Chrome: very detailed reproduction, lower noise, same frequency response of CD, the best for Hi-fi reproduction.

Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks   -  on body printing orders 4-5 weeks


files are preffered in PDF and TIFF. Please cover the entire area of the template with your artwork and hide the template's layer before saving as pdf.

J-Card+ 0 - Front: J-Card-0 - Front
J-Card+ 0 - Inside: J-Card +0 - Inside

J-Card+ 1 Flap - Front: J-Card +1 - Front
J-Card+ 1 Flap - Inside: J-Card +1 - Inside

J-Card+ 2 Flaps - Front: J-Card +2 - Front
J-Card+ 2 Flaps - Inside: J-Card +2 - Inside

J-Card+ 3 Flaps - Front: J-Card +3 - Front
J-Card+ 3 Flaps - Inside: J-Card +3 - Inside

J-Card+ 4 Flaps - Front: J-Card +4 - Front
J-Card+ 4 Flaps - Inside: J-Card +4 - Inside

Label Template:

Label Template - Tapedub

Label Template - Tapedub

Label Template - Tapedub