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Mastering for cassette:

• The peak level can be at -1dBFS
• The RMS level should be maximum 12dbs in order to avoid tape overload. However it is strictly related to the genre of music and the frequency response of it.
• Consider that below 40hz and over 18khz the frequency response of tape is very limited.
• Around 250hz to 300hz and about 1000hz are the hottest spot in tape recording. Therefore these frequencies tend to distort easier.
• Preferred format: .Wav – 44.100

Highly recommended: In order to get the highest quality sound, we provide mastering for cassette. Every track will be mastered in a analog chain, and optimized for the cassette format, paying attention on each part of your mix and reducing the artefacts of the translation on the tape master.

Audio Source:
Audio Files as 2 separated tracks: ( A Side and B Side) Please check the exact length of your audio before placing orders.
Master Cassette: Ferric, Chrome or Metal type – it should be the same length
CDr Master: Submit one CD with just 2 tracks – A Side and B Side
DAT, 1/4″ Tape or USB stick please contact us

Duplication System:
Standard: the best way to reproduce a wide frequency response, reaching clear and detailed high end and warm bottom end with a low noise floor.

Lo-Fi: cheaper and faster, the sound quality is still good, the noise floor is a slightly higher. Suggested for disto/noise music or Lo-Fi material. For instance, not really suitable for classical or extremely dynamic music.

Hi-Fi: the lowest noise floor you can get on tape and very wide frequency response.

Tape Type:
Ferric: warmer sound, punchy low end, a bit of limitation on the high end, the best choice for cassette sound lovers. Special lenghts might be requested.
Chrome: very detailed reproduction, lower noise, same frequency response of CD, the best for Hi-fi reproduction.

Turnaround time: 3-4 weeks   –  on body printing orders 4-5 weeks

Covers & Label Template:

All artworks must be supplied as 300dpi PDF files – CMYK – 3mm bleeds (cropmarks area)

2) Cover the entire area of the template till the crop marks (see example)

3) remove pink lines/guides

*Any graphic file should be submitted together with audio file (all in one folder) otherwise they’re not liable for a re-print, especially if linked files are missing from artwork if it is found that they were not embedded.

We can’t guarantee an optimal result without artworks which don’t meet our specifications.

*We are not responsible for images that may print blurred or pixelated due to customer supplied artwork if its less than 300dpi. We require 3mm bleed on all edges if the document requires this.


Tapedub_ Cassette template 1

Tapedub_ Cassette template 2

Tapedub_ Cassette template 3

Tapedub_ Cassette template 4

Tapedub_ Cassette template 5

Example JCARD



ON BODY PRINTING: Files preferred in 300dpi PDF files – CMYK – 3mm bleeds – transparent background.

Label Stickers: Files are preferred in PDF – PLEASE turn off the layers/guides before saving as pdf.

Tapedub_ Label template